About Marie

You start out with good intentions to eat healthily and exercise more, then life gets in the way and you fall back into bad habits. Sound familiar? It’s a pattern which many people fall into, often reaching for quick-fix diets and punishing exercise regimes which are difficult to sustain.

At Flourish Fit & Well, we help break the cycle of failure, supporting you to achieve a fitter, healthier and happier life. We create a path to reach your goals, with simple, achievable steps that boost your confidence and ensure you enjoy the process!

My aim is to bring wellness into all aspects of your life, so you feel fit and ready to tackle the challenges that come your way. With exercise that fits around your life; easy-to-follow nutrition advice that means you can enjoy food; and techniques to help improve your wellbeing, you’ll find it easier to make changes for the long term.

Of course, nobody is perfect! We all have bad days, and need a treat every now and then. I’m a realist, I’m non-judgemental, and I’m on your side.

Marie’s story

I have always been interested in exercise and wellbeing. I was a keen runner from a young age and studied Sports Science at university. But I wasn’t very confident, and because I was also good with computers, I ended up pursuing a successful career in IT. I spent many years working for Tesco leading major projects, but I managed to pick up my running again, joining a local running club and completing the London Marathon in the year 2000.

As time went on, friends and family would ask my advice on getting fit or preparing for races. I really enjoyed helping people and I considered retraining, but the cost and commitment meant I put it to the back of my mind.

Then one day, I had a eureka moment! I was on a 3-day workshop with Tesco. But rather than the usual sandwiches, crisps and pastries you normally get at a corporate event, the food was healthy, nutritious and delicious. No boring salads or shrivelled fruit; these were tasty meals bursting with flavour, herbs and spices. I ate really well, and I felt amazing. It made me realise the important connection between exercise and food and I decided it was time to follow my passion.

I became self-employed as an IT contractor to enable me to carry out my training – qualifying as a personal trainer in 2016 and a Pilates teacher in 2017. I completed further training in pre/postnatal exercise and supporting people with back pain and a range of medical conditions. I also embarked on a  3 year diploma course with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition to become a nutritional therapist.

Juggling priorities and pursuing something I love has been an enormous challenge. I’ve had to study alongside a busy and stressful IT job, running a family, and teaching and coaching. But I know I am finally on the right path.

Ready to flourish? Please get in touch to find out how I can help you to become your best and healthiest self.

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What my clients say

“I have worked with Marie for nearly a year now attending her Pilates lessons initially on a Friday afternoon and then a Tuesday evening.

I have always found these classes very relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable and feel Marie caters to everyone’s individual needs, as well as adapting the exercises each week and incorporating different equipment.

Marie has also been giving me 121 Personal Training, which again I have found to be of benefit. She adapts and tailors each session to my individual needs and areas I need to work on and is very encouraging when the exercises become tough.

I would definitely recommend Marie to anyone who is wanting to do Pilates or have Personal Training.

Joanne Green – Director / Mother of 2 energetic boys


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